The Labour Party nationally and the Broadland Labour Party locally takes safeguarding very seriously. It is the responsibility of all members to be aware of safeguarding issues and to bring to the attendion of our Safeguarding contact anything they believe is a safeguading issue which needs to be addressed. There is a wealth of information on the Labour Party Website  –

Broadland Labour Part have appointed a contact for any of your safeguarding questions or concerns. Alan Pawsey can be contacted at

Nationally the Labour party safeguarding team can be contacted at

Safeguarding is the responsibility of all staff, members, volunteers and elected representatives.

This responsibility covers all persons under 18. It covers people over 18 who are or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness; and who is or may be unable to take care of themselves, or unable to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation.

Abuse or neglect may be inflicting harm or failing to take action to prevent it. Abuse may be perpetrated by an adult towards an adult at risk, an adult towards a child, a child towards another child, or a child towards an adult at risk.

Specifically Broadland Labour Party will take the appropriate precautions in the following situations

  • Meetings
    • Make sure the venue is suitable and safe
    • Make sure transport to and from the meeting is appropriate
    • Ensure parents or other appropriate adult is aware of location and has contact details for event organisers.
    • Ensure that the environment is safe including language and behaviour of others present
  • Campaign Activities
    • Make sure transport to and from the activity is appropriate
    • Ensure parents or other appropriate adult is aware of location and has contact details for event organisers.
    • Assess risks associated with the activity.
    • Ensure the person at risk is appropriately supervised
    • Keep a register of all those attending.
  •  Acting in a position of trust

When Labour Party volunteers, members, and elected representatives engage with children, young members and adults at risk, on behalf of the Party, they are acting in a position of trust and will:

    • Ensure that language and behaviour is appropriate and not open to misinterpretation.
    • Apply guidelines to online behaviour and text messaging
    • Maintain appropriate boundaries

Six safeguarding recommendations;

When working with young members there are practical steps which can help volunteers, members and elected representatives maintain professional boundaries:

  •  Set clear expectations with young members about activities in advance. What will the activity entail, how long will it last, who will be there? Ensure parents are made aware of activities through the use of the Campaign Activity Information For Parents form (you can download a copy from the Safeguarding area of the Labour Party website).
  • Always organise activities where there is more than one adult present
  •  Avoid situations where you are alone with a young member, child or an adult at risk. If this is unavoidable, or there is a need for privacy, then balance this with the opportunity for supervision, leave doors to offices open and ensure that someone else is nearby and working within sight or earshot
  •  Consider the choice of location when planning activities with young members or adults at risk. There should always be sufficient and appropriate lighting. Adult volunteers or members should arrange the furniture in such a way as to maintain an appropriate distance and boundary between themselves and young members. Consider any CCTV cameras that may be installed and ensure activity is covered by them if possible.
  • Consider very carefully any physical interaction with young members. Physical contact should never be unnecessary or unwanted. Physical contact with a young person may be misinterpreted however well-intentioned and should only occur where other colleagues or adults can observe you.
  •  Follow the recommended adult to young person ration – one adult to ten young members (minimum of two adults)

The full Labour Party guidence is available here.

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