What is expected of CLP Officers

CLP Officer roles - What is expected of CLP Officers
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The Labour party says:

All CLPs have six key officers – including roles such as Chair or Secretary – who run the CLP. CLPs also have the ability to add additional Co-ordinator roles who will help the officers with particular tasks. This means CLPs have the flexibility to have Executive Committees (EC) that suit their particular circumstances, but not all CLPs have all the roles detailed below, and they will not always be full voting members of the EC. Each CLP will be different, and our party is always evolving, so if you’re interested in finding out more, why not get in touch with your local party to understand the makeup of yours?

Check out the roles of those Six “key” officers here. https://labour.org.uk/members/my-membership/my-local-party/local-team/ 

According to the rules of Broadland CLP we have the following executive committee roles. All the roles are voting members of the executive committee


Host all the general meetings and EC meetings each month and be prepared to make decisions on important decisions as they arise. Be ready to be the focal contact for members. Ensure that the CLP is sticking to the development plan. Help the role officers and provide support to them.

There is also a role description from the National Party (which includes a Deputy Chair)

Vice-Chair (Membership)

  • To maintain a new members guide and arrange printing and distribution of it.
  • To liaise with branch membership officers to ensure that:
    • New members are welcomed
    • existing members are contacted annually
    • Members about to lapse/have lapsed/resign are contacted
  • To report to each EC and General Meeting changes in membership, including bringing the list of new members to each General Meeting for approval.
  • Work with the Chair/ Secretary/Womens/Disability/Youth Officers.
  • And to Step in when the chair is unable to host a meeting, and deputise for the chair as necessary throughout the year.


Step in when the chair is unable to host a meeting, and deputise for the chair as necessary throughout the year.


Maintain the website, the events diary and communicate with the members to publicise those events etc. Prepare agendas and minutes for meetings. Holds the data secure on all members. The list of activities is almost endless. The secretary is not the leader in arranging events though; that it for the individual officers to lead on setting dates, picking locations, etc. The secretary can make bookings and send emails to support the officers.

Ther eis also a role description from the National Party


To keep accurate financial records throughout the year. Produce an Annual Statement of Accounts. Identify and check donations and loans received/taken out by the CLP and report them to head office at the end of each quarter. Ensure that we comply with the funding laws during an election. Promote and support 100 Club with Fundraising Officer.

There is also a role description from the National Party

Women’s Officer

Be the voice for women at meetings. Ensure that meetings are relevant and accessible to women. Identify women’s organisations in the constituency that we can link with. Work with the Campaign Co-ordinator and Policy Officer to highlight local issues for women, to engage the female voters, and use local issues to turn female members into activists. Work with the Membership Officer to ensure that women contact new female members. Encourage women to speak at all meetings (eg help the Chair in debates). Organise women’s events.

There is also a role description from the National Party

Policy Officer

Host policy meetings during the year. Work with Political Education Officer on guest speakers at the discussion meetings/general meetings. Gather feedback from canvassing on local issues. Bring forward motions at general meetings from local members to be passed to the NPF. Try and get our members Facebook page to discuss policy issues. Establish contact with the Policy Development Team in Head Office and with regional NPF reps.

Campaign Coordinator

Work with the LCF to identify target seats in District and Council elections. Communicate with the branch campaign coordinators to arrange local campaigns as they arise. Gather feedback from canvassing, and statistical data analysis in the target seats. Prepare campaign literature with the assistance of branch campaign coordinators and candidates (at least one every 6 months during a non-election, and 3 main leaflets during the election campaigns) and organise the printing and distribution (with Treasurer and Agent). Host the campaign committee, so that the branch campaign coordinators, candidates and other local active members understand what is coming up and when. Organise the training events with Political Education Officer for campaigning. Work with the Policy Officer on content for campaigns.

Equality and Diversity Officer

Identify and support disabled, BAME, LGBT members by working with Membership Officer. If appropriate, support the establishment of constituency groups for these characteristics. Be aware of equality initiatives within the Labour Party and working with Social Media and Policy Officers to tell members and voters. Ensure that meetings are accessible, and support members to speak up. If a member does not feel able to engage because of their characteristic, meet with the member and discussion what reasonable adjustments can be made to assist. Link with disability organisations in the constituency to engage voters, highlight issues with the Policy Officer, and get a better deal for disabled people. Act as a CLP link to Disability Labour and promoting participation.

Political Education Officer

Host educational meetings during the year. Work with Policy Officer on guest speakers at the discussion meetings/general meetings. Advertise training opportunities for the CLP, whether arranged, locally, regionally or nationally. Be able to explain and teach on how the Party operates, particularly to new members. Organise events for councillors etc to speak to explain what a councillor does and how to be involved. Organise training events on how to campaign.

There is also a role description from Basingstoke CLP and from Abercronwy CLP

Trade Union Liaison Officer

Develop and maintain contacts with affiliated trade unions at local and regional level. Work to increase the number of trade unions affiliated to the CLP. Know who in the membership is a member of a trade union, and promote membership of trade unions. Highlight any joint campaigns we can work on with Campaign Coordinator. Work with Political Education Officer to teach on the history and relevance of Trade Unions to the Labour Party.

There is also a role description from he Trade union and Labour party liaison organisation

Communications and Social Media Officer

Be the admin on Facebook, sharing relevant content on the Broadland main page, and on the members’ page. Work with the various officers to set up Events, and then share relevant content targeting that event to advertise it, and spark discussions. Learn Promote, and use it to target non-members ensuring the CLP has a positive, informative and inclusive presence online. Identify any other opportunities for a social media or media presence. Draft the newsletter with the Secretary. Put interesting news from our councillors onto our website.

Youth Officer

Work with the Membership Officer/Secretary to ensure that people turning 18 in the constituency get a birthday card, and a how to register to vote pack. Meet up with the new members under 27 years old. Link up with the national Young Labour group, and promote their activities with the Social Media Officer. Find out about any politics courses taught at the local schools/colleges, and get us (including candidates) into the schools! Link with any Labour Student groups at University and find out if any students live locally. Call out jargon being used by members in meetings. Work with Political Education officer to run relevant interesting topics. Encourage voter registration. Arrange Young Labour events as appropriate, and feed them into Policy meetings, and Campaign training events.

Fundraising Co-ordinator

Organise at least 4 fundraising events during the year (with the branches). Arrange for a raffle and book sale at each members meeting. Recruit more members to the 100 Club. Work with the TULO to generate income from affiliated trade unions during election campaigns. Support the CLP Treasurer in carrying out their statutory responsibility for ensuring that all donations are permissible under party rules and funding laws. Speak to members at our meetings to identify links and contacts that might help.

Tottenham CLP also has an officers’ roles document available here.

The National party also defines a Vice-Chair (Policy).

The national Party gives descriptions of all the CLP roles (you will need to log into you LP account to access this page) https://labour.org.uk/activist-hub/local-party-resources/local-party-guides/local-roleholder-descriptions/

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