There were a nine motions submitted on Schools by the following CLPs and affilliated organisations.

Bolton North East
Central Devon
Haltemprice and Howden
Isle of Wight
Socialist Education Association
South West Devon

From all of those motions two were composited and debated at conference. Both were voted on, carried and hence are Labour Party policy.


Schools – Composite 1 (Private Schools)

Conference notes:

  • Only 7% of UK students attend private schools, yet the Sutton Trust 2019 report revealed that 65% of senior judges, 52% of junior ministers, 44% of news columnists and 16% of university vice chancellors were educated in private schools.
  • Children at private schools have 300% more spent on their education than children in state schools.
  • Participation in private schooling is concentrated at the very top of the family income distribution
  • A populous poll revealed 63% of the public agree, “it is unfair that some people get a better education and life chances for their children by paying for a private school.

Conference believes:

  • Labour must go further than the 2017 manifesto to challenge the elite privilege of private schools who dominate the top professions.
  • The on-going existence of private schools is incompatible with Labour’s pledge to promote social justice, not social mobility in education.
  • Labour is opposed to hierarchy, elitism and selection in education.
  • Private schools reflect and reinforce class inequality in wider society.

Conference resolves:

To include in the next Labour Party general election manifesto a commitment to integrate all private schools into the state sector. This would include, but is not limited to:

  • Withdrawal of charitable status and all other public subsidies and tax privileges, including business rate exemption.
  • Ensure universities admit the same proportion of private school students as in the wider population (currently 7%)
  • Endowments, investments and properties held by private schools to be redistributed democratically and fairly across the country’s educational institutions.

Mover: Battersea CLP
Seconder: Bolton North East CLP

Schools – Composite 2 (Academies)

Conference notes:

  • That the principles of democracy and accountability are directly opposed to the process of school privatisation represented by the spread of academies and free schools.
  • The mounting series of failings, scandals and collapses engulfing academy schools and trusts.

Conference welcomes

  • Labour’s commitment to ensure that all schools will be taken back under local democratic control under a Labour Government.

Conference believes:

  • Labour is opposed to hierarchy and elitism in education.
  • Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) and stand-alone academies could be a charter for profiteering with lucrative contracts handed to family and friends, with many private companies providing services to schools that could be better provided in house.

Conference resolves to:

  • Stop all academisations and the opening of academies and free schools
  • Ensure Local Authorities establish reformed, democratically accountable local education committees with stakeholder representation.
  • Ensure all publicly funded schools be brought back under the control of these new local education committees.
  • Ensure the newly empowered local education committees will be the default providers of services and will be appropriately funded.

Mover: SEA
Seconder: South West Devon CLP

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